I can’t believe it has already been more than 10 years since The Hills first aired! The Hills was a huge part of my life — the hardest years of dating, making mistakes, and learning who I was were spent on TV. Looking back though, I laugh a lot at the drama and can see things from a different perspective.


To be honest, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into because there weren’t many reality shows at the time, so there was no way to prepare ourselves for what it would bring on. It seemed like it would be a fun experience and I went for it — I wore my heart on my sleeve.

Now that I’m 30, it is very interesting to look back on my 20-year-old self on The Hills. As embarrassed as I am about some of the things that were caught on camera, it comforts me knowing that many viewers were able to relate to the things that we were going through.


There are so many things all of you don’t know — behind-the-scenes drama, situations between cast members, and more — because none of it made sense to address on the show. So, because I have been getting nonstop questions about The Hills on Twitter, I wanted to do a special Q&A portion and answer some of your burning questions in honor of the recent 10-year anniversary!

Q: Was the entire show fake?
A: No but there were a lot of blurred lines. In the beginning, it was about 4 girls becoming friends, living in LA, having fun, dating, and working and that was pretty genuine. But towards the end of 2nd season and into the 3rd is when it started becoming more and more blurred, especially when the men became a big part of the show. Everything kind of shifted and it only escalated when Lauren left because they needed to bring in new people and scenarios and manipulated situations. It turned into a real/fake version of our lives.

Q: Do you ever watch the episodes?
A: Honesty time: I haven’t watched The Hills since the finale:)


Q: How did you and Corey reunite?
A: We kept in contact and reunited toward the end of The Hills. I didn’t want to throw him into the drama because I knew he was a good guy and he had no idea what he would be getting himself into. Corey actually went with me to the finale of The Hills and we became a solid couple shortly after:)

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Q: Was the show scripted?
A: No it was not scripted, but we were definitely guided by the producers. Towards the end it was somewhat verbally scripted, if that makes sense. It was all about confrontation and drama and the producers would egg us on in a way.

Q: What’s your biggest regret from The Hills?
A: That I didn’t get a therapist (haha!). I could have used some good life-coaching…

Q: Did you really believe Lauren messed with Justin or was that just for the show?
A: That was actually a real rumor.  A mutual friend of ours called me and told me that he was there and didn’t want to tell me but knew he wouldn’t be able to look me in the eye if he didn’t come clean. I was devastated and couldn’t believe it at first. Then, neither of them would call me back or respond to my texts and the producers, of course, wanted me to talk about it on camera, which took some pushing. That friend has since passed and I really don’t care about what happened anymore. I’m happy where I am now and the past is the past!


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Q: Who do you still keep in contact with?
A: I speak to Kristin, Heidi, and Brody from time to time.

Q: Did Justin ever apologize to you for playing you?
A: Haha oh man! That question!! Again, there were some very blurred lines with us and I’ll spare you the details.  He did apologize to me years ago for the way he treated me on the show and how everything played out. Justin has a good heart and I wish him the best!

Q: Do you talk to Lauren?
A: No I haven’t talked to her since The Hills finale.

Q: What was your diet and exercise routine?
A: It really hasn’t changed too much. Although we did have a personal trainer on The Hills… we would train with him once or twice a week and film while doing it. I always eat fairly healthy and exercise regularly… it’s all about consistency!

Q: Justin has done some interviews saying it was only a working relationship and then others he says it was personal which one was it?
A: I have been asked this question a few times, as well. Long story short: Justin and I met before The Hills. I was working at Quixote Studios  and he was there on a shoot assisting the hairstylist. We were both ironically from the OC and he slipped me a paper with his number and offered to do my hair.  He was a charmer…

So, we started hanging out and got to that weird ‘what are we’ point.  He filmed bits for the 1st season doing my hair, but they never made it to air because he wasn’t really into it. We kept in touch and were ‘together but not together,’ if that makes sense. It was a confusingly interesting time to say the least! We had a real connection and love for each other, but we were both also VERY young.


Q: Did you really date spencer?
A: Absolutely NOT!! That was the first moment I knew I could no longer trust the producers. I was on my way to the airport with friends for a Vegas trip and they called me that morning asking me to stop at Pinkberry on the way and said it would only take a few minutes. I did and they had me sit at the table by myself outside and I had no idea what the heck was going on. Then all of a sudden I see Spencer walking up with roses!!!!! I was like omg your kidding me!!!! I gotta go….

Soon after that night, we headed to a new club Heidi was working at and we were all in a group, but Spencer and I were held back so we would be seen walking in together. I was not into the fabricated drama at all, but it sucks viewers in and people love watching that stuff.

Q: What did you think of Justin and Kristin?
A: In the beginning I thought it was super weird and just plain random. Then, I took myself out of that situation, refused to go to the ‘Malibu beach house parties,’ clubs, etc. because I knew that if I did show up, they wanted fights and drama and tears… and I didn’t want to be a part of that anymore. Kristin was in it for the drama and the show didn’t seem to really care. At that point, The Hills had transformed into a whole new cast and show in comparison to what it originally started off as.  Plus,  I was dating someone else at the time and had no desire to keep getting thrown into the fire pit!

Q: What do you wish you could go back and change?
A: Hmm… That’s a tough question. I think if I could go back, I wouldn’t let guys get in between our friendships! And I think I would have said no a lot more and yes to other things.




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Q: Do you miss everyone? Or that time in your life?
A: Well at the time, that was my life. We all became a little family and the bigger The Hills got, the more we stuck together because no one knew or understood what we were going through. The best memories for me from The Hills were definitely all the trips we took! To Costa Rica, Hawaii, Miami, and Cabo… we actually had a lot of fun and bonded with each other, as well as the producers, on and off-camera.


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Q: What’s the biggest change you have gone through since the show ended?
A: Well, I’m pregnant right now!!:) And getting married to my best friend and lover:)! I finally feel like I have a grip on my life and I’m doing what makes me happy. My 20’s were amazing and filled with tons of curve balls and learning experiences that helped me become the person I am today. Now, my 30’s are a whole new journey… But this time, I know who I am and what I want:)