Prey Swim 5I started Prey Swim almost 3 years ago — I was always on the hunt for the perfect suit but couldn’t seem to find it. So, after running the idea by a few friends, I decided that I wanted to learn all about the swim industry and explore the possibility of starting a line of my own.

To be completely honest — we had a lot of set backs getting this line to where it is today. But, I have learned SO much because I’ve been involved in every step of this process. I knew I wanted to create a line that would have something for everyone. My goal was to create high quality swimsuits that are stylish, trendy, and a confidence booster for women of all shapes and sizes.

Prey Swim1

One of the things I love most about this line is that you can (basically) get two swimsuits for the price of one because every suit is reversible and has interchangeable straps for different looks and chest support. Some of the styles are a bit more fashion forward — like the Duck Dive Bottoms that have suspenders (the butt bra suit haha!). But, I think every girl needs a boyfriend suit, family suit, pool party suit, and tanning suit, and that is what I took into consideration while designing, as well. 

Prey Swim 4 Prey Swim 2Prey Swim 3This may be the first Prey Swim collection, but I hope you all continue to follow my journey to see what else we have in store! Every collection will be inspired by my travels and love for different cultures, and I can’t wait to share everything with you. Stay tuned:)Prey Swim 6