If you couldn’t already tell, I travel A LOT! When you travel as much as I do, packing becomes a no-brainer routine that can be done in record time. I know exactly what I’m going to need, wear, and leave behind, so I like to consider myself an expert when it comes to the art of packing.


I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I’m guilty of over packing at times, but who isn’t!? As a female, it’s only natural that I pack more than enough clothes, beauty essentials, and accessories to last the entire trip. But, I’ve learned that the key to packing is to find the gray area between too much and too little, which is why I wanted to put together 13 tips for packing just right! Happy travels:)


1. Make a list. This will help you mentally organize what you need and don’t need. 
2. Make room. I like to clear off my bed and lay out one (or two, depending on where I’m going) suitcase.
3. Separate items. I like to pack in categories by grouping my lingerie, hair products, makeup, and body & face essentials into different baggies.
4. Roll, don’t fold! Rolling your clothes will save you tons of room. Also, if I can’t fit something, I’ll lay it on top at the end.
5. Choose clothes strategically. I try to pack solid colors and pieces that can be layered. I’ll sometimes throw in one or two printed tops or dresses, but I limit those items so I don’t end up bringing my entire closet:)
6. Bring a swim suit. Or work out clothes, if you’re feeling ambitious.
7. Carry on important items. In case your luggage gets stolen or lost, remember to carry on jewelry, electronics, a spare outfit, vitamins, and any other daily essentials.
8. Pair of flip flops or slippers. So I don’t have to walk around barefoot in hotel rooms. Germs, gross!
9. Accessories. Bringing solid colors means you can accessorize with scarves, jewelry, hats, and more!
10. Choose your bras wisely (For girls, obviously). Bring one sexy, one comfy, and one sporty.
11. Give yourself time. You never know what can happen, so be sure to give yourself an extra 30 minutes at the airport.
12. Hydrate. Once I get through security, I always buy a big water bottle so I can drink it on the flight.
13. Don’t forget the classics. I can’t go anywhere without a LBD and red lipstick!

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