A lot of you have asked about my birth experience… So here it is!:)

I originally wanted to have a natural birth, but when I found out at 34 weeks that Kirra was still breech, I decided to seek out other options. Not only would it have been painful, but there are many risks — baby going into shock, umbilical cord wrapping around the neck, etc. — that could result in an emergency C-Section, and the cons were far scarier than the pros. So, we put everything in God’s hands and began researching other options.

Audrina 1Last pregnant selfie.

Before I was pregnant, I went to acupuncture every other week and continued to go throughout the pregnancy. I truly believe it helped with my aches, pains, and balance. I tried pre-natal yoga (wasn’t a fan), pre-natal Pilates (liked it, but didn’t stick with it), and was in my third trimester before I knew it! And for anyone who has been there, you can probably relate when I say that the LAST thing I wanted to do was work out. I went on a lot of walks and stayed fairly active during my third trimester, which definitely helped me a lot. I knew I wasn’t going to be pregnant forever, so why not enjoy it?!

Although we were initially bummed about Kirra’s positioning, Corey and I ended up having a blast trying different things to get her to flip! This hilarious photo below of Corey and I is proof — we did this everyday for 10 minutes! This technique is called Moxibustion, but we also tried all of the spinning baby suggestions, I went to my chiropractor (which really helped with my alignment, sciatic nerve, and hip flexors that KILLED toward the end of my pregnancy), and the swimming pool basically became my second home. I was floating on my belly, practicing hand stands, doing front flips (in the water, of course!), and anything else we could think of to take the pressure off.

Audrina 2I had to go on all fours for 10-15 minutes everyday while Corey lit the moxibustion tip and put it near a pressure point on my pinky toe. Then we switched feet!

My sister-in-law’s Greek family even suggested I put ouzo on my belly because it had worked on family members in the past, so I did this three nights in a row with no luck. As you can tell, we gave Kirra a fair chance to flip! I eventually accepted the facts and knew that flipping wasn’t part of God’s plans for this little Beauty.

The night before our C-Section I was beyond nervous! Corey and I could barely sleep with all the anticipation — we were finally going to meet her. We got up early and I immediately thought, “what if she flips last minute!!!” Haha, now THAT would have been a miracle. Thankfully I have an amazing doctor, so I knew I was in good hands no matter the situation.

After I received the shot and anesthesia in the operating room, I started getting teary-eyed! Corey held my hand and talked to me to try and take my mind off of what was really happening. I asked the nurse to play Jack Johnson during the surgery, which was so relaxing for me. I’m a super visual person and my imagination was running wild because I couldn’t see anything, so they held a mirror up above and I watched as they pulled one of Kirra’s legs out! She immediately yanked it back and everyone laughed (she’s been such a kicker!). Then, all I remember is the doctor saying, “Wow! She’s a lot bigger than we thought.”

Kirra Max Bohan
June 24th, 2016
Weight: 8 pounds, 4 ounces
Length: 20.5 inches

… No wonder she couldn’t flip!! As I watched them pull her entire body out of my belly, I was in awe and felt so blessed. Hearing her cry for the first time was the most beautiful sound ever! The nurses cleaned her and got the fluid out of her lungs, then she went straight to Corey’s arms. He was ecstatic! And Kirra definitely knew her daddy:)

While all of this was going on, I was laying there trying not to focus on the pressure and movement happening on my stomach. There was so much going on behind the blue curtain… That’s when the anesthesia REALLY hit me and, well, let’s just say my upchuck reflexes are working great:)

Luckily, I felt better once I was in the recovery room and able to hold Kirra for the first time. She instantly tried to latch onto my arm (which is a good sign!) so I began breastfeeding her immediately. I got really lucky that it was so easy for us — my milk didn’t even come for a couple of days, it was only colostrum at first. I do have to be honest, though… I’m still struggling with the pain of breastfeeding. After a while, it can be really painful! It still is at times…but it is so worth it!

Day 1: The day after Kirra’s birth was a blur. I was going back and forth from being sick from the medicine to feeling fine, but as long as I had Kirra I felt fine. It was nice to see all our family afterwards, too. Everyone was so excited to finally meet our baby girl!

Day 2: Mom, dad, and Kirra bonding. I finally felt recovered and back to normal — all thanks to the nurses for helping us with everything!

Day 3: Kirra goes home! We made the journey home on day 3 after they took the staples and made sure Kirra and I were healthy enough to go home. Milestone: I felt good enough to walk:)

Audrina 3Exhausted in zombie mode …the first week is all about bonding with the baby. Every time she falls asleep on me I just can’t move!

C-Section Afterthoughts: It really wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. Everyone has such a different experience, but my scar is right at my bikini line, the staples didn’t hurt when they were removed, I was walking by day 3, and off all pain meds by day 4 (except Motrin). I believe pain is your body letting you know something’s wrong and to slow down, so as soon as my incision starts burning or feeling achy I take it easy.

Corey: Corey reports for diaper and burp patrol on a regular basis. He usually let’s her lay on his chest around 4am so I can sleep for a few hours. He’s an amazing daddy already and Kirra knows his voice!

Sleep: Welllllll, that’s a different story! Corey and I have been in zombie mode! I’m up every 2-4 hours (like clock work) feeding her. She cries when she is hungry, she cries when she has a wet diaper, and she will even cry when she needs to burp! As exhausting as it is, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Lady: As far as Lady (our little Yorkie) is concerned, she hasn’t quite adjusted to Kirra being around. She thinks she’s a toy and runs in circles, barks, and stares at her with the cutest puppy dog face! She’s used to getting all of the attention but is slowly learning that she’s not the only baby in the house anymore.

We have passed the 2 week mark, and I still feel like I can fall in love over and over and over again. Corey and I can’t stop staring at her in awe! We can’t believe we made this precious little angel.

Keep checking back here for more updates soon! 🙂