Hey guys! So I have been wanting to do something fun and different with my hair, i decided to go all out!:) I love the new 2015 silver/ pastel color trend… so we went for it!

Since I’m not the expert ill let my amazing hair stylist Briana Cisneros explain…  hope you like!

“I lifted Audrina from a level 6 brunette to a level 9 & 10 blonde using a blonding powder with olaplex to protect her hair during processing.

Using a heavy foiling technique in combination with free hand painted balayage throughout the hair.


We toned her entire head with an icy steel toner before our second color application.


We melted together smokey pastel silver, with a champagne blonde and light powdery lilac.



We used cooler tones to compliment Audrina’s olive base skin tone.

This color is for the dedicated and not for the faint of heart. It takes 8 hours in the salon, along with home care and revisiting the salon for upkeep.


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Until next time!