As a new mother, I’m learning a lot of new things along the way. I am by no means an expert at caring for a baby, but I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of maternal instincts I had when Kirra arrived! But, instincts can only take you so far.

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What is the difference between car seat X and car seat Y? Do I really need a wipe warmer? What are the pros and cons of purchasing a cheap stroller versus an expensive one?  Corey and I were lucky enough to have friends and family who were willing to help us out with baby-related questions, and we have accumulated a house full of baby items that I’d love to share with you all!

From baby accessories to must-have distractions, here is a list of the baby essentials we (and Kirra) can’t get enough of:

Boppy: Kirra loves this! We put her in it while we are on the couch, getting ready in the morning, or lounging around the house.

Breast Friend Pillow: I love this! It is perfect for breast feeding but can also be used to support Kirra when she is laying close to me.

Pump: I use this ALL the time! I usually breastfeed in the morning, pump right after, then I’ll pump again later that day if I’m planning on going somewhere.

Diaper Bag: This is the diaper bag I use! I love that it is stylish AND fits a ton of stuff.

Orbit Baby Infant Car Seat and Stroller: I love this stroller and car seat, especially with this car seat cover and rear view mirror! It’s super easy to set up and maneuver — If we are at a restaurant, I can swivel her seat all the way around without turning the stroller. My only note is that it is pretty heavy, but what car seat isn’t!?


Bibs:   I love using these pretty bandana bibs to protect her clothes.

Cloth Diapers: I use these as burp rags! We go through them like crazy and are starting leaving one in each room for emergencies.

Pacifier The only pacifier Kirra likes is the silicon NUK Soft OrthoStar!

The Honest Company Baby Powder and Lotion: We use these every night for bathing:) 

Coconut Oil: I’ve been using coconut oil on her skin — it can even help treat small rashes!

Travel Bassinet: When visiting parents or friends, this bassinet is a must (and the side barriers keep us sane!). Corey and I place this in the middle of our bed and let her sleep in between us.  

Rocker Swing: She loves this! It always manages to put her to sleep, so we keep it downstairs and use it when we need an extra hand.

Moccasins: Love these shoes! They go with everything and are super adorable.

Aden and Anais Swaddling Blankets: These blankets are BEYOND soft. I use these everyday and keep a few in her diaper bag — They are light enough for summer but still keep her warm!

Furry Soft Blanket: Kirra is obsessed with this blanket. We brought it to the hospital with us:)

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Rocking Chair: She loves the rocking chair! This one is pretty comfortable for me, too.

Diaper Changing Mat: This. Is. A. Must! Place this down before changing your baby so you don’t have to worry about public bathroom germs.

Changing Table: Couldn’t live without it! My lower back has already been hurting, so this helps with not having to lean over as much.

Wipe Warmer: Perfect for mid-night changes!

Onesy: This onesy is cute and opens at the bottom for easy diaper changes.

Nail Clippers:  I clip her little fingers and toes once a week.

Hand Mittens: We use these all the time to protect her cute little face from scratches!

White Noise Maker: Can’t sleep without it! It helps drown out all types of noise — the television, barking dogs, etc.

Baby Bath Tub: She loves her bath time!! 

Dreft Detergent: Kirra’s clothes are washed separately with this detergent.

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