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Holiday Hair Touch up!

12 / 27 / 15


IMG_5119Im still loving my fun & edgy cut from my hair guru Briana Cisneros…

This time around, We decided to take it easy, by just adding some baby highlights around my face and popping some thru the ends!..Thanks to olaplex my hair is in great condition. (if you are thinking of going blonde or want to keep your hair healthy olaplex is a must!)  If your a hair addict like I am, then you obviously know changing your hair all the time requires ALOT of TLC.

I have been super blonde for a year now, I love the volume,thickness and brightness that comes along with it, BUT keeping it healthy and strong can be a challenge! espcially if you love the ocean and being outside as much as I do. Here are a few products I personally use to keep my blonde from fading into brass and keeping it silky smooth. 







A whole lotta love for this hair

09 / 05 / 15

I have been getting a lot of emails from you girls asking about products and the process we used for this 70’s hairstyle… So here it is, I interviewed Briana Cisnernos my hairstylist…


How can someone achieve this look?

70’s inspired  hair is all about airy/feathery texture and volume from your eyes down. The way I achieved this was too prep the hair with Oribe’s Volumista Mist for Volume in order to hold the style and be able to re mold it throughout the day. Then, I set the hair with a ¾ inch curling iron with no volume at the root and rolled everything away from the face (Farrah Fawcett style)

Now lets talk boho braid transformation…


You’re always so amazing coming up with creative ideas on the fly, how can someone achieve the braid you did? It totally transformed the curly Jerry hall look into a pretty soft Boho braid…

Oh why thank you, Audrina! I’ve been doing all kinds of braids since I was young. Practice makes perfect. when you curl the hair before braiding it it adds an incredible texture to the style. I like to pull on the edges of the braid to loosen it up and make it look more romantic.

This look was achieved by brushing it out and tying a beautiful scarf on. 


Any pointers for this 70’s glam look?

After setting the hair, brush it out like crazy and add Death Valley, a dry shampoo by R and Co., it will help get that beautifully angelic airy feel.

Mine lasted for a week!! Using dry hair shampoo.. I was obsessed.