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Current Obsession: Erbaviva Organic Skincare

04 / 06 / 16

For the past two years, I’ve been using a lot of essential oils and making the transition to organic products. It’s not easy, but the results are amazing! I haven’t had to take anti-biotics as of recently (knock on wood!) and can usually kick a cold within the first few days with my oils and self-care routine.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.25.38 AM

One of my favorite brands of organic products is Erbaviva Organic Skincare. Not only do they have the most amazing products for me, but they also have baby essentials that I can’t wait to use on my baby girl!

I’ve learned A LOT since the pregnancy — mainly about what products I can and cannot use — but I can always rely on Erbaviva for organic products that actually work! Here are some of my favorite Erbaviva products that I use on the regular!

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.26.01 AM

‪Stretch Mark Oil: Not only does this product smell amazing, but it also hydrates your skin, which is important if you want to avoid stretch marks! Personally, I’m doing everything I can to avoid stretch marks and it’s working! I’ve already gone through a few bottles:)

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.25.50 AM

Sunscreen: A daily necessity.

Relax Body Oil: Corey occasionally gives me back massages at night when I’m laying on my side, and this oil adds to the relaxation and creates the perfect ambiance to fall asleep!

Lip Balm: I use this one all the time! Perfect for chapped lips.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.26.13 AM

Refreshing Foot Balm: This one is a MUST! I’m almost 6 months pregnant now, so I’m in the stage where my feet throb and ache very badly at the end of a long day. Corey gives me foot massages (isn’t he the best!) and uses this product. It instantly relieves the ache and gets the blood flow back to my swollen feet!

Hand Cream: This product is a lifesaver because I frequently wash my hands throughout the day, which tends to dry them out.

Blonde Ambition

02 / 24 / 16

If you couldn’t already tell, my hairdresser Brianna Cisneros and I have been experimenting with different tones of blonde on my hair for the past year! There are so many shades, hues, and colors of blonde that I didn’t even knew existed, but I am going to let you in on a little well-known secret — Blondes DO have more fun :)


Although my natural hair color has always been light, it hasn’t stayed a consistent color over the years. As a child I was super blonde, then it darkened when I was 14, then I started highlighting my hair at 16, I died it brunette when I was 18 (when I started The Hills!), and I’ve been fairly blonde ever since! Everyone always assumes I’m a natural brunette, but I had to keep it brown on the show because I was the only brunette in the cast — Fun fact!

So, I’ve basically been on both ends of the hair color spectrum, and I know a thing or two about hair, especially when it comes to blonde tones. For anyone considering making a change towards the blonde spectrum, I have put together 4 important pieces of advice that will put you on the right track!

1. Blonde hair= high maintenance. Be prepared to give your blonde hair extra TLC. Use hair masks regularly, buy shampoo & conditioner designed for blonde hair, and don’t slack on the products! I use everything from Macadamia Nut Oil, to Kerastase Heat Protector, to Texturizing Spray, and a Root Lifter.



2. Root touch up. Be sure to figure out a schedule for your root touch ups! I personally like having a little bit of root, so I can get away with waiting a month or two before heading back to the salon.

3. Warm up your roots and tone the yellow down! Whenever I get my hair done, the color I leave with will slowly change over time. After a week, only a slight difference is noticeable, but as time goes on, it will start to fade to a yellowy-brass color (especially if I’m in the sun!), which is why it is important to use a purple shampoo designed to rid blondes of brassiness!



4. Find the right shade for your skin and eyes. Be sure your hairdresser chooses a shade of blonde that will compliment your skin tone and highlight your features. I have olive skin and hazel eyes that change along with my hair color:

Sandy-beige hair = Green or brown eyes
Golden hair = Bright yellow eyes
Copper-brass hair = Amber eyes


So, once you figure out what looks good on you, go for it! You have nothing to lose and great hair to gain!

Winter Essentials

01 / 13 / 16

With everything winter brings — Snow, cold weather, and Netflix marathons — you need to be prepared. The winter months dry our skin and force us to bundle up in layers and layers of clothes, but it’s important to not forget about looking our best.

Although it’s easy to throw your beauty, gym, and nutrition routines out the window during this time of year, I ALWAYS have a set list of essential winter items that keep me on track. From clothes, to tanning oils, and cute accessories, the following list is everything you need to get you past the long months of winter!

audrina patridge_winter essentials

1. Rose Oil. I mix this with my La Mer it’s super hydrating and thick (Especially if your skin is dry!). Scarves | Kitten Ear Eugenia Kim Beanie | Gloves | Leather Pants | Winter Nail Polish | Cuticle Cream
Hand Cream | A Cozy Blanket | Face Tanning Oil
Self Tanner. To stay glowing in the winter! | Cute Slippers | Coffee/Tea Mug with Lid

Essential Oils

01 / 07 / 16

Are you guys as obsessed with essential oils as I am? I have been using them for about two years now, and they are absolute lifesavers! No joke, I have not had to take antibiotics since I started using them (knock on wood!). Basically, the moral of the story is if you have a problem, essential oils are the answer.

One of the things I love about essential oils is that they are all natural! Not only do they come from all over the world, but they can also be used for just about anything. From perfume, to soap, to cleaning solutions, and even to bath salt mixtures — you name it!

I’m a firm believer in limiting the amount of unnatural things I put in my body, which is why essentials oils are perfect for anyone (like me) who doesn’t like taking prescription medicine and antibiotics! Fun Fact: Back in the biblical days, the wise men of the New Testament used plant-derived oils (Frankincense and Myrrh) on baby Jesus! So, it is safe to say that these natural remedies have been around for a very long time and are worth a shot!


Here are some of the oils I carry around with me (especially when traveling!):

Frankincense: For when I start to feel sick. I put it on my feet before bed and wear socks all night long.
Lemon: I put a drop in my glass of water. NOTE: I recommend NOT using this oil with a plastic bottle because it can eat at the plastic and release chemicals.
Past Tense: For when I feel stressed or a headache coming on. I like to rub it on the nape of my neck.
Serenity: For relaxation. I’ll even put this one on the paws of my Yorkie Lady if she seems nervous when traveling!
Peppermint: For an upset stomach. I’ll either put it on my belly button or neck for carsickness.
Deep Blue:  For muscle aches.
Spearmint: For refreshment. The smell is amazing and wakes me up instantly — You can even try a drop on your toothbrush!

Essential Oils for my diffuser:
Orange & Grapefruit: I’ll use these in my diffuser in the morning to give me a wake up call and lift my mood
Cinnamon & Purity: To rid the air of germs

Cold and flu season is coming up, and these oils are perfect for getting you through the sickly season. I recently came down with a cold, but I am happy to say that it didn’t last long! I can’t take medicine because of the pregnancy, so I always try and load up on vitamins, oils, and LOTS of water.

Corey always says that I have a bag full of potions that can cure any problem! So, I hope this is as helpful for you as it is for me!


Korean Beauty Tips

12 / 15 / 15

I am seriously obsessed with skin care products!! When I traveled to Korea, one of the main things I noticed is that all of the women had the most beautiful skin. No joke — women that were 50 looked like they were 30! I was so intrigued, so I began doing a little investigating and wanted to share my detective results with you all :)

What I learned is that Korean women have beautiful skin because they use one secret ingredient on a daily basis: Sesame Oil! It might sound a little strange, but it really does work. One woman I met explained that white sesame oil is good for skin and black sesame oil is beneficial to your hair (Fun fact!). So be sure to stock up on the sesame oil!

Also, they try and stay out of the sun and use Korean sunblock to protect their skin!


Another thing I noticed is that they eat extremely healthy — Lots of vegetables, soups, and garlic! Another infamous Korean cuisine includes pig and chicken feet! It sounds gross, I know. But, the collagen in the the feet do wonders with your skin and keep it looking young.




How could I go to Korea and not hit up the beauty stores?! I discovered these amazing face masks! Just like face sheets, there is one for every type of skin: skin pigmentation, acne, wrinkles, hydration — I was amazed!

Koreans are taught at a young age to take care of their skin, which is probably why they have such perfect, blemish-free skin. I can tell you right now, to achieve beautiful Korean skin, you’re going to need more than just a cleanser and moisturizer! To keep it manageable, I narrowed down a beauty routine from 30 products to 8:

korean skincare

1) Wash your face twice! (Once to remove the makeup and another to rid the oil and make the skin look radiant)

3) Then you exfoliate! (I exfoliate once a day)

4) TONER!! (Some of the Korean woman even carried around toners in their purse!)

5) Essence time (This is basically like a serum either filled with vitamins and everything good for your skin. My skin soaks it up like a sponge!)

6) Moisturizer (I prefer a light moisturizer since the essence is so hydrating)

7) SPF

8) Eye cream

Lastly, I learned that Korean woman do facial masks or sheets twice a week! I stocked up on my sheets, they are all natural and smell amazing.

I have put together a list of my favorite Korean products that will keep your skin young, healthy, and glowing! (Use these products in addition to a healthy diet for the best results… just like the book: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! It’s so true…


Laneige bb Cushion Pore Control SPF 50

Sheet Masks – Tony Moly and also Leaders Cosmetics Broccoli Superficial Mask

Tony Moly Pandas Dream White Magic Cream Essence 

Light Moisturizer

Amore Pacific Eye Creme

Tony Moly Face Wash

SPF – Tatchas Silken Pore

Nature Republic Bee Venom Toner