Let’s start with the jewelry … because we all know diamonds are a girls’ best friend, but you won’t find any diamonds at this photoshoot!! This shoot was all about turquoise and gold.

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catch the breakdown below for product details



1. Vintage green cabochon & brass choker
White flower & stone charm bracelet
Teal leather & fringe 

2. Vintage gold V collar necklace
Black and white spiral shell cuff bracelet

3. White sunglasses
Antique silver & quartz necklace
Helios ring

4. Green sepentine gold feather necklace
design owyhee jasper ring

5. Vintage pendant necklace
gray triabgle cuff bracelet
nautilus cuff bracelet black willow

Here are some pictures from behind the scenes….
IMG_1128 IMG_1125 (1)

IMG_1186IMG_1173IMG_1169IMG_1157IMG_1185And this is the amazing glam squad…  thank you so much ..

Photography – Josh Williams

Hair Guru- Briana Cisneros

Face Guru- Amy Clarke

Stylist – Jenny Dayco

stylist- Jessica Oliver