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Winter Hats to show off orr…. hide the bad hair day

11 / 06 / 15

Confession: I am a huge fan of hats. Floppy beach hats, baseball caps, fedoras, beanies, berets, and even turbans — you name the style, and I will gladly try it out! Not only do hats add a little extra pizzazz to an ordinary outfit, but they can also hide even the worst of bad hair days. Nothing is more saddening than waking up and realizing there is no tool, product, or magic trick in the book that can overcome the way you slept on your hair (We don’t like to admit it, but we have all been there).

For all of you like-minded hat lovers, I have provided a few of my fave fall MUST-HAVES below! You can use any of these styles as an adorable accessory or as a last-minute hair cover up — either way, these hats will compliment your wardrobe in ways you never thought possible!

Hat tip: Consider purchasing a hat rack (like the Adesso Freestanding Rack) so your stylish caps don’t lose their shape in your closet.


audrina patridge_hats


1. Eugenia Kim x REVOLVE Turban (BUY HERE) | 2. BP. Trim Felt Floppy Hat (BUY HERE) 3. Black Beret Hat (BUY HERE) | 4. Urban Outfitters Wool Beret (BUY HERE) 5. DVF Knit Fox Beanie (BUY HERE) | 6. Gents Leather Baseball Hat (BUY HERE)

Can’t Live Without

11 / 05 / 15

It’s no secret that my job requires me to be camera ready ALL THE TIME, but for someone who is always on-the-go, that is no easy task. We have all woken up and realized it’s going to be one of ‘those days,’ which means all I am going to want to do is throw my hair into a messy ponytail, slip on a pair of comfy sweats, and hide behind a large pair of sunglasses.

Still, if I have learned anything over the past few years about being in the spotlight, it’s that you never know who you are going to meet. It doesn’t matter if I’m going to the airport, running a quick errand, or stopping by the local Starbucks for a much-needed dose of caffeine, I always try to look my best just in case. Check out below for a list of products I keep in my purse that are perfect for anytime I need to quickly freshen up on a short notice!

My ‘Can’t Live Without’ Purse Products:

audrina patridge_inside bag

1. Alexander Wang Crossbody (BUY HERE)| 2. Silky Cream Foundation 030 by Clé de Peau Beauté (BUY HERE) | 3. Medium Beige Powder by Chanel (BUY HERE) 4. MAC Lipstick in Jubilee (BUY HERE) | 5. Nirvana Roll On Perfume by Elizabeth and James (BUY HERE)  6. PastTense Essential Oil Blend by doTERRA *Works amazing for stress and tension! (BUY HERE) | 7.Small Notebook & Pen (BUY HERE)  8. Sunscreen Lip Balm SPF 30 by Sun Bum (BUY HERE) | 9. All-Natural Hand Sanitizer by Cleanwell (BUY HERE) | 10. Orbit Mint Gum (BUY HERE) | 11. Eye Allergy Relief Drops by Opcon-A (BUY HERE)| 12. Pony Tail Holder & Small Clip (BUY HERE)  


My 2015 Hair Makeover

01 / 12 / 15

Hey guys! So I have been wanting to do something fun and different with my hair, i decided to go all out!:) I love the new 2015 silver/ pastel color trend… so we went for it!

Since I’m not the expert ill let my amazing hair stylist Briana Cisneros explain…  hope you like!

“I lifted Audrina from a level 6 brunette to a level 9 & 10 blonde using a blonding powder with olaplex to protect her hair during processing.

Using a heavy foiling technique in combination with free hand painted balayage throughout the hair.


We toned her entire head with an icy steel toner before our second color application.


We melted together smokey pastel silver, with a champagne blonde and light powdery lilac.



We used cooler tones to compliment Audrina’s olive base skin tone.

This color is for the dedicated and not for the faint of heart. It takes 8 hours in the salon, along with home care and revisiting the salon for upkeep.


Make sure you follow Brie on Instagram at: @BrianaCisneros

Until next time!



The ultimate makeover @Comic-Con 2014 as X-Men’s Mystique

07 / 27 / 14


Patridge showed her dedication by painting most of her body blue like the shape-shifting X-Men character, portrayed by Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence in the most recent films and Rebecca Romijn in earlier installments. True to form, The Hills alum documented her shocking transformation on Instagram as a team of makeup artists worked to give her skin Mystique’s unique texture and blue hue.

Patridge participated in the event to help out makeup artist Cig Neutron, a season 7 contestant on The Face-Off.

“check out #faceoff tonight on the sci fi channel @cigneutron is a contestant on it!! ..We are working together for @1stlooktv #ComicCon2014,” the late night host tweeted prior to her makeover.


After replacing Ali Fedotowsky on 1stLook this season, Patridge has filmed all over the country for the NYC-based travel show. It airs Saturday nights after Saturday Night Live.