Although I love each and every item I own, I would be lying if I didn’t say that there are a few select things I cannot live without! What it comes down to is two things: Want versus need. Sounds easy, right?

Well, think about it — When narrowing down your list of items you can’t live without, it’s easy to get caught up in sentimental clothing items (like that off-the-shoulder top you refuse to throw out because it reminds you of your run in with Britney Spears at Starbucks).  But, this time of the year marks the beginning of Spring cleaning, which is why it’s time to bust open our bags and start sorting!

Here is a list of 5 items I cannot live without!


1. Black Leggings
Does anyone else have a legging obsession? I practically live in these things. Not only are they a comfortable substitution for pants, but they also to expand with my growing bump!

Leggings I love: BP Essential Leggings 


2. Lip balm
There’s nothing worse than being in a conversation with someone and realizing your lips are a chapped mess! My lip balm is on me at all times because I never know when I’m going to need it.

Lip balm I love: Rosebud Salve by Rosebud Perfume Co. 


3. Black Booties
If you don’t already own a pair of black booties, you are committing a serious fashion crime! My booties are my go-to shoe for when I want to be comfy and look stylish.

Black booties I love: Free People Westmont Black Ankle Bootie 


4. Sunglasses
We all know I have a sunglass obsession, so it’s no surprise that my sunglasses are one of the first things I would grab if I had to evacuate the house (After making sure Corey and Lady made it out safely, obviously!).

Sunglasses I love: ‘Fleur’ Retro Sunglasses 


5. Floppy Hat
Floppy hats are on trend, easy to wear, and the solution to even the worst hair days! Every girl should have a simple floppy hat in her wardrobe for those late mornings.

Floppy hats I love: Free People Pompom Hat 

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