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Spring Trend Roundup

04 / 18 / 16

Can you believe it’s already Spring?! It feels like just yesterday we were preparing for winter, and now it’s time to take on the fun fashion trends Spring has to offer! So, let’s get down to business: With the cold weather of winter slowly make its departure, you may have already begun transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring. If not, don’t worry — there’s still time!

Although Spring always manages to bring a usual dose of floral prints, pastels, and adorable dresses, no one likes blending in, which is why I’ve been keeping my eye out for trends that stand out! From chokers to kimonos, this Spring trend roundup has everything you need to take on this season’s hottest trends!


1. Lace-Up Sandals. Put a spin on your go-to sandals and opt for a pair of lace-ups! Not only do they add a little extra style to an ordinary flat, but they also look adorable when paired with a dress.

Ghillie Flat | Dawson Sandal | Lace-Up Sandals | Linsey Wedge Sandal
Rodillo Sandal
| Danica Sandal | Leather Gladiator Sandals | Suede Flats
Espadrille Flats | Cutout Sandals


2. All-White Everything. Brides, step aside! This Spring, the whiter the outfit, the better. From jeans, to tops, and even jackets, you can’t go wrong with an all-white ensemble.

Leather Cutout Jacket | Boho Bella Dress | Sparrow Skinny Jean
Off the Shoulder Top
 | Dia High Waist Skirt | Draped Jacket | Levi Cutoffs
Strappy Cami
 | Off the Shoulder Cotton Dress | Low Rise Crop Jeans


3. Chain Details. Chains are here to stay! No purse is complete without edgy chain-detailing and straps.

ASOS Snake Shoulder Bag | Yoki Fashion Saddle Bag | City Wide Leather Bag
Quilted Crossbody | Dune Shoulder Bag | Falabella Chain Bag | Faux Leather Bag

Liquorish Mini Bag | Love Crossbody | Versace Jeans Crossbody


4. Army Jackets. No need to enlist in the army for this one. Instead, choose a green, oversized army-inspired jacket for those chilly Spring days!

REVOLVE Army Jacket | The Infantry Jacket | Moto Jacket | Habitat Utility Jacket
Cotton Twill Vest | Urban Renewal Parka | Willow & Clay Shirt Jacket
Lightweight Utility Jacket | OBEY Bitter End Jacket | Military Patch Blazer


5. Kimono Chic. Add a cultural flare to your wardrobe with a kimono! They can be worn with practically any outfit by combining Japanese influence with current trends.

Floral Kimono | Embroidered Kimono | Printed Slim Kimono | Silence Noise Jacket
Kimchi Fringed Poncho | Blue Shirred Kimono | Only Natural Hooded Kimono
Dramatic Sleeve Kimono | Wood Creek Kimono | Point Dune Kimono


6. Sleeveless Vests. Similar to kimonos, vests are the perfect add-on item for any outfit! Vests can transform an outfit from work to play, casual to professional, and even simple to chic.

Survival Jacket | Open Knit Fringe Vest | Draped Vest | Suede Fringed Vest
Liquid Lounge Vest | The Fifth Label Moon Vest | Dye Effect Vest Wrap
Marled Vest | Bonded Faux Fur Vest | Velvet Vibes Vest


7. Navy hues. Although we usually go for pastel colors during this time of year, navy blue is definitely one to keep your eye on!

Daisy Street Jumpsuit | New Look Blazer | Ballet Dress | Halter Maxi Dress
Classic Crop Top | Longline Cardigan | Pleat Front Trousers
Soft Sailor Pant | Heritage Trench Coat | Utility Romper


8. Flatforms. Yes, you heard that right: Flatforms. This trend combines a traditional flat with a modern platform to create a stylish, yet comfy shoe!

Nylee Platform Sandal | Lona Flatform | Maxwell Sandal | Platform Wedge Sandal
ASOS Flatform Trainers | Faux Leather Flatform Sandals | Jack Sneaker
Firasa Sandals | Centuries Distress Sandal | Hanley Platform Sandal


9. 90s Chokers. This has to be one of my favorite trends! Channel your inner 90s this spring with a stylish choker.

Crochet Flower Choker | Concho Bead Choker | Full Bloom Choker | Pendant Choker
Wild Winds Choker | Leather and Chain Choker | Tristan Hinge Station Choker
Empire Lace Choker | Harper Choker | Knotted Chain Choker


10. Springing in Suede. Who says suede is reserved for fall? This spring trend is coming in hot in the form of skirts, dresses, tops, and more!

ASOS Mac Jacket | Fringed Crop Top | Faux Suede Mini Skirt | Side-Cutout Dress
Lace-Up Bodysuit | Motel Ellie Skirt | Pimkie Biker Jacket | Suede Shift Dress 
Suede Crop Top | Flawless Skinny Pants

Get Beachy Waves in Three Easy Steps

04 / 11 / 16

As you already know, my amazing hairstylist Briana Cisneros and I have been making a lot of changes to my hair within the past year. Dabbling with hair dye can be extremely damaging (especially for blondes!), which is why I’m always looking to use the most nourishing and hydrating hair products on the market!

I’ve tried out my fair share of formulas, and although I’ve been impressed with a few, nothing beats the MarulaOil styling and treatment collection by John Paul Mitchell Systems. Marula oil is harvested from a rare, exotic fruit from Africa and is full of powerful nutrients that do wonders on your hair! Not only does the entire MarulaOil collection smell amazing, but each product is free of harmful ingredients, so they are safe to use while pregnant.

The uses for these products are endless — I even use the MarulaOil Rare Oil Treatment Light on my belly — but since I always get asked about my hair, I thought I’d do a step-by-step tutorial (thanks to my hair guru Briana) on how to achieve beachy waves using my favorite MarulaOil products!

The Before:

MarulaOil Before

Step 1: With damp hair, spray MarulaOil Rare Oil Style Extending Primer starting at your roots and finish with your ends. This product will set up your hair for an all-day hold!


Step 2: Apply MarulaOil Rare Oil Styling Cream. Whereas the Primer creates a base for the styling process, the styling cream will help smooth, fight frizz, and seal split ends — a must when using heated appliances on your hair!


Step 3: Blow dry! As the products are activated by the heat of the blow dryer, you’ll instantly feel how silky and soft these products make your hair.


Step 4: Section off your hair and prepare for the curls!


Step 5: Next, start curling! Be sure to change the direction of each curl — wrap the piece around the barrel toward your face, then wrap the next piece away from your face and so on — to get a piecey look.  Also, don’t brush the curls out just yet! Letting your hair cool before brushing will produce the best results and allow for the MarulaOil products to work their magic. 


Step 6: As you can see, the curls are set and cooled. Using your fingers, brush through the curls. Briana carefully takes each curl and separates it using her hands — this will create undone, tousled beach waves! Briana also used MarulaOil Rare Oil Treatment Light on my ends. Not only does it help nourish my ends, but it also helps  add some additional separation. Careful though — a little goes a long way, so don’t go overboard with this product!

(I use this product daily on my hair AND skin! It smells amazing and, unlike other oils, really helps hydrate your skin. The fact that it has no toxins is an added bonus!)


Step 7: Fluff your hair with your hands and piece it out. My hair likes to do what it wants, so we let it decide where it wanted to be parted, then used MarulaOil Rare Oil Perfecting Hairspray to finish it off and give it extra hold. Unlike other hairsprays, this hairspray will give you the hold you want without the weight or crunchiness of an extreme hold product.


The After:

MarulaOil After

These MarulaOil products have become my go-to when I want sexy and effortless looking hair. They’re easy to use, full of beneficial nutrients, and always produce the BEST results!

And, voila! Now you know my secret to shiny, soft, and beachy hair! Be sure to try out John Paul Mitchell System’s MarulaOil products for yourself — I’d love to know what you think. I have a feeling you won’t be disappointed!

Pick up the line for yourself HERE!


Top: Free People

Pants: Lululemon

Necklace: ASOS (Similar here)

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

8 Mom Tested, Pregnancy-Approved Beauty Products

04 / 08 / 16

Organic products have become my lifesaver since getting pregnant! I’ve always been pretty good at incorporating as many natural items into my skincare routine as possible, but now that my actions directly affect our baby girl, I’m not putting anything on my skin unless I know it’s made from organic ingredients and approved for pregnant women!

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.22.18 AM

Although there are several organic brands you can purchase at your local store, it’s hard to know if these products work effectively. A product can get advertised as much as it wants, but I’m not buying unless it’s been recommended to me by a legitimate source. Hey, I’m not taking any chances!

So, for anyone who is pregnant, health-conscious, or simply enjoys using the best products on the market, here are details on how I use 6 of my favorite organic products that are not only approved by the baby, but they have also been given the thumbs up from me, as well!


1. Mama Mio Tummy Rub Oil: Apply on midsection twice daily.

2. Coconut Oil: Rub all over body after showering. Some people aren’t a fan of the sticky feeling, but I don’t mind it:) I’ll also use it on my hair and as a mouthwash. It is rumored to whiten your teeth and get rid of toxins!

3. Nicole by OPI Nail Polish: Use as-needed. All the fun of getting a manicure, but it is free of harsh chemicals!

4. Jouve Dark Spot Corrector and Brightening Cream: Apply daily to reduce appearance of dark spots.

5. Beauty Facial Extreme Anti-Aging Resurfacing Peel Pads: Use weekly for a soft skin!

6. Shea Moisture Anti-Breakage Masque: Treat hair once or twice a week, as needed.

7. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen: SPF is a daily must!

8. Jane Iredale ‘Glow Time’ BB Cream: Apply when a full face of makeup seems too daunting, but you still want coverage. 


Current Obsession: Erbaviva Organic Skincare

04 / 06 / 16

For the past two years, I’ve been using a lot of essential oils and making the transition to organic products. It’s not easy, but the results are amazing! I haven’t had to take anti-biotics as of recently (knock on wood!) and can usually kick a cold within the first few days with my oils and self-care routine.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.25.38 AM

One of my favorite brands of organic products is Erbaviva Organic Skincare. Not only do they have the most amazing products for me, but they also have baby essentials that I can’t wait to use on my baby girl!

I’ve learned A LOT since the pregnancy — mainly about what products I can and cannot use — but I can always rely on Erbaviva for organic products that actually work! Here are some of my favorite Erbaviva products that I use on the regular!

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.26.01 AM

‪Stretch Mark Oil: Not only does this product smell amazing, but it also hydrates your skin, which is important if you want to avoid stretch marks! Personally, I’m doing everything I can to avoid stretch marks and it’s working! I’ve already gone through a few bottles:)

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.25.50 AM

Sunscreen: A daily necessity.

Relax Body Oil: Corey occasionally gives me back massages at night when I’m laying on my side, and this oil adds to the relaxation and creates the perfect ambiance to fall asleep!

Lip Balm: I use this one all the time! Perfect for chapped lips.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.26.13 AM

Refreshing Foot Balm: This one is a MUST! I’m almost 6 months pregnant now, so I’m in the stage where my feet throb and ache very badly at the end of a long day. Corey gives me foot massages (isn’t he the best!) and uses this product. It instantly relieves the ache and gets the blood flow back to my swollen feet!

Hand Cream: This product is a lifesaver because I frequently wash my hands throughout the day, which tends to dry them out.

6 Stylish Sleepwear Accessories for Night Owls

04 / 04 / 16


For some reason, I always have a need to feel stylish, even if no one is there to see it! It doesn’t matter if I plan on staying on the couch all night, there is still no reason to slack in the fashion department, especially when it comes to PJs. Corey can roll his eyes at me all he wants, but I take sleepwear very seriously!

If you have yet to dabble in the growing sleepwear industry, then get ready to have your world flipped upside down once you realize all of the amazing things you can purchase to make the most of your beauty sleep! From fluffy masks to silky garments, these 8 stylish sleepwear accessories are here to take over your usual nighttime routine. Check them out!

1. Lately My Heart Robe
2. Urban Renewal Slip Dress
3. Lace Eye Mask
4. ‘Bonnie’ Bow Slipper
5. Perfect Hair Day Overnight Perfector
6. ‘Hydra Life’ Sleeping Face Mask