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Blonde Ambition

02 / 24 / 16

If you couldn’t already tell, my hairdresser Brianna Cisneros and I have been experimenting with different tones of blonde on my hair for the past year! There are so many shades, hues, and colors of blonde that I didn’t even knew existed, but I am going to let you in on a little well-known secret — Blondes DO have more fun :)


Although my natural hair color has always been light, it hasn’t stayed a consistent color over the years. As a child I was super blonde, then it darkened when I was 14, then I started highlighting my hair at 16, I died it brunette when I was 18 (when I started The Hills!), and I’ve been fairly blonde ever since! Everyone always assumes I’m a natural brunette, but I had to keep it brown on the show because I was the only brunette in the cast — Fun fact!

So, I’ve basically been on both ends of the hair color spectrum, and I know a thing or two about hair, especially when it comes to blonde tones. For anyone considering making a change towards the blonde spectrum, I have put together 4 important pieces of advice that will put you on the right track!

1. Blonde hair= high maintenance. Be prepared to give your blonde hair extra TLC. Use hair masks regularly, buy shampoo & conditioner designed for blonde hair, and don’t slack on the products! I use everything from Macadamia Nut Oil, to Kerastase Heat Protector, to Texturizing Spray, and a Root Lifter.



2. Root touch up. Be sure to figure out a schedule for your root touch ups! I personally like having a little bit of root, so I can get away with waiting a month or two before heading back to the salon.

3. Warm up your roots and tone the yellow down! Whenever I get my hair done, the color I leave with will slowly change over time. After a week, only a slight difference is noticeable, but as time goes on, it will start to fade to a yellowy-brass color (especially if I’m in the sun!), which is why it is important to use a purple shampoo designed to rid blondes of brassiness!



4. Find the right shade for your skin and eyes. Be sure your hairdresser chooses a shade of blonde that will compliment your skin tone and highlight your features. I have olive skin and hazel eyes that change along with my hair color:

Sandy-beige hair = Green or brown eyes
Golden hair = Bright yellow eyes
Copper-brass hair = Amber eyes


So, once you figure out what looks good on you, go for it! You have nothing to lose and great hair to gain!

Let’s Talk Weddings

02 / 11 / 16

Being pregnant isn’t easy, but on top of that, I am planning my wedding, too! To say I have a lot on my plate is a complete understatement, which is why Corey and I have decided to go with our original plan and get married after the baby is born. We are doing it backwards, I know! But, God’s timing is everything, and I am confident that this is the way things are supposed to be (Plus, I have a feeling our wedding photos will be extra adorable with our little baby in our arms instead of in my tummy!).

For all of you who have planned a wedding before, you know how stressful it is! And for those of you who haven’t, I am here to tell you how crazy it is. I’ve dreamt about this day for my entire life, but I had no idea where to start when it actually came time to start planning. So, I’ve broken it down into steps and wanted to share some pointers I’ve learned along the way! We are far from being done, but I promise to keep you all updated as we go.

1. The proposal!


2. Spend hours on Pinterest. I’ve created a Pinterest board with different ideas, themes, and dresses!

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.44.42 AM
3. Find a location. Corey and I made a list of our top 3 locations for the big day. Hint: We are leaning towards a destination wedding!

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.48.34 AMPhoto Credit: Style Me Pretty
4. Insure your ring!
5. Select your team. AKA bridesmaids and groomsmen.

6. Make a guest list. You guys have no idea how difficult this was! We want our wedding to be small and intimate, so we made a list of family and close friends, then eliminated people we haven’t spoken to in the past year, then the past 6 months, and so on until we had our finalized guest list.

7. Take engagement photos! We are currently in the process of doing this step. My advice is to choose a few locations and outfits and be sure to shoot somewhere that totally defines who you are as a couple. And don’t be afraid to go all out! Being flirty, cute, romantic, and silly will produce the best results (I’m ALL about candid moments).
8. Find THE DRESS. I’m super picky and know exactly what I want, so I’m not surprised that I’ve already tried on about 20 dresses and have yet to find the perfect dress. So, the hunt continues!

Well, this is where we are at. Once we lock in a date and location, we will send out save the dates and let the fun begin! In the meantime, does anyone have any guesses as to where we will tie the knot? Happy guessing:)


Meet Molly Schoneveld of This Yuppie Life

02 / 03 / 16

I don’t normally obsess about my friends, but I just can’t help it! I want to introduce you all to my good friend Molly Schoneveld! Not only is she a big-time entertainment industry publicist, but she is also my go-to person for restaurant, spa, and hotel recommendations, so when I found out she was starting a blog, it’s easy to say that my excitement went through the roof.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 9.45.37 AM

You guys… I’m not kidding when I tell you that her blog, This Yuppie Life, is worth adding to your reading list. Every time she posts new content, I KNOW it’s going to be good. You will find everything from yummy foods, to travel adventures, and even to (my favorite) must-know recommendations. In fact, she’s actually the one that got me into blogging! Get a sneak peek below on some of the most delicious and adorable places Molly features, you’re definitely going to come back for more! 

Salts-Cure-4Salt’s Cure is the new hot spot, which just reopened in a much larger space on Highland. As you can see, it’s the hot new brunch place…with a line out the door when they open at 10:00a.m.!”

Salts-Cure-2“The food is amazing! It’s Southern Comfort at its best, so I am totally in my element. The big secret is the All Star breakfast that isn’t even on the menu (don’t you love insider secrets?!), that gives you a little taste of everything. Two sunny-side-up eggs, a biscuit, a small stack of pancakes covered in cinnamon butter, house-made sausage, AND bacon.”


Anyone else starving? Be sure to head over to This Yuppie Life and let me know what you think! You can also find her on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.