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Pack Like a Pro: 13 Packing Tips!

01 / 27 / 16

If you couldn’t already tell, I travel A LOT! When you travel as much as I do, packing becomes a no-brainer routine that can be done in record time. I know exactly what I’m going to need, wear, and leave behind, so I like to consider myself an expert when it comes to the art of packing.


I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I’m guilty of over packing at times, but who isn’t!? As a female, it’s only natural that I pack more than enough clothes, beauty essentials, and accessories to last the entire trip. But, I’ve learned that the key to packing is to find the gray area between too much and too little, which is why I wanted to put together 13 tips for packing just right! Happy travels:)


1. Make a list. This will help you mentally organize what you need and don’t need. 
2. Make room. I like to clear off my bed and lay out one (or two, depending on where I’m going) suitcase.
3. Separate items. I like to pack in categories by grouping my lingerie, hair products, makeup, and body & face essentials into different baggies.
4. Roll, don’t fold! Rolling your clothes will save you tons of room. Also, if I can’t fit something, I’ll lay it on top at the end.
5. Choose clothes strategically. I try to pack solid colors and pieces that can be layered. I’ll sometimes throw in one or two printed tops or dresses, but I limit those items so I don’t end up bringing my entire closet:)
6. Bring a swim suit. Or work out clothes, if you’re feeling ambitious.
7. Carry on important items. In case your luggage gets stolen or lost, remember to carry on jewelry, electronics, a spare outfit, vitamins, and any other daily essentials.
8. Pair of flip flops or slippers. So I don’t have to walk around barefoot in hotel rooms. Germs, gross!
9. Accessories. Bringing solid colors means you can accessorize with scarves, jewelry, hats, and more!
10. Choose your bras wisely (For girls, obviously). Bring one sexy, one comfy, and one sporty.
11. Give yourself time. You never know what can happen, so be sure to give yourself an extra 30 minutes at the airport.
12. Hydrate. Once I get through security, I always buy a big water bottle so I can drink it on the flight.
13. Don’t forget the classics. I can’t go anywhere without a LBD and red lipstick!

Girls Night In

01 / 25 / 16

Let me tell you — With cold and flu season at its peak, I have seriously been struggling. When I’m sick, I like to turn my couch into a fortress of pillows and blankets and stay there until I get better. So, when it comes time to make plans, a movie night with my closest girl friends is always the perfect occasion to get me through the week.

You may have heard of a Girl’s Night Out, but there is nothing I love more than a Girl’s Night In (GNI)… Sorry Corey! Whether we are lounging in our pajamas, catching up on the latest gossip, or binge watching Netflix for hours on end, nights in my with girls are absolutely necessary. Staging the perfect GNI requires minor planning, but I’ve got you covered anyways. Here is a list of my favorite movies, TV shows, and essential items that will make for a perfect GNI! Give it a try this weekend, you have ample planning time! 

GNI Essentials
Comfy Clothes

Food & Drink

The Holiday
Straight Outta Compton
Steve Jobs
Teen Witch
Dirty Dancing
Mad Max
The Martian
The Big Short

TV Series (Careful, they’re addicting)
Master of None
Amy (Amy Winehouse documentary)

My Travel Essentials

01 / 20 / 16

Have you ever gone on a trip and realized your forgot something VERY important? We’ve all been there, and the reaction is always the same: “How could I be so stupid!”

There’s no need to kick yourself in the butt — we all make mistakes! But, as someone who travels as much as I do, I’ve nailed down a list of travel and carry on essentials that are guaranteed to make any trip a breeze! Start prepping now for your next voyage and check out these must-have travel items:


Travel Essentials
Tumi Luggage
Black Leather Backpack
Cozy Socks
Boots or Sandals you can easily slip on/off
Evian Face Mist

Carry On Essentials
Sleeping Mask
Ear Buds
Makeup Bag (Face wipes, rose oil, and moisturizer)
Mints and/or Gum
Quest and Kind Bars
Eye Drops
Hand Sanitizer
Hand Lotion
Doterra — On Guard, Peppermint, Serenity, Deep Blue

Winter Essentials

01 / 13 / 16

With everything winter brings — Snow, cold weather, and Netflix marathons — you need to be prepared. The winter months dry our skin and force us to bundle up in layers and layers of clothes, but it’s important to not forget about looking our best.

Although it’s easy to throw your beauty, gym, and nutrition routines out the window during this time of year, I ALWAYS have a set list of essential winter items that keep me on track. From clothes, to tanning oils, and cute accessories, the following list is everything you need to get you past the long months of winter!

audrina patridge_winter essentials

1. Rose Oil. I mix this with my La Mer it’s super hydrating and thick (Especially if your skin is dry!). Scarves | Kitten Ear Eugenia Kim Beanie | Gloves | Leather Pants | Winter Nail Polish | Cuticle Cream
Hand Cream | A Cozy Blanket | Face Tanning Oil
Self Tanner. To stay glowing in the winter! | Cute Slippers | Coffee/Tea Mug with Lid

10 Boots To Invest In

01 / 11 / 16

It’s safe to say that I am completely and utterly OBSESSED with boots of all colors, shapes, and sizes. Let’s be honest — No wardrobe is complete without a diverse selection of boots and booties! They are sleek, comfortable, and the most versatile style of shoes.



Whether you need to dress up or down an outfit, you can always turn to your collection of boots and find a pair that fits the occasion. This new year, consider investing your money in a new pair of shoes that will last a few years (if not more!). Check out these 10 pairs of boots that (in my opinion) are absolute must-haves!

must have_boots

audrina_must have_boots


black boots_audrina

1. Coach Rain Boot BUY HERE

2. Frye Washed Leather Riding Boot BUY HERE

3. Free People Platform Ankle Boot BUY HERE

4. Free People Over the Knee Boot BUY HERE

5. Free People De Soto Heeled Boot BUY HERE

6. Jeffrey Campbell Thigh High Boot BUY HERE

7. Dr. Martens 1490 Ankle Boot BUY HERE

8. Mode Collective Justin Ankle Boot BUY HERE

9. FP Collection Brooks Ankle Boot BUY HERE

10. Ugg Classic Tall Boots BUY HERE