Behind the lens…

08 / 25 / 15

Let’s start with the jewelry … because we all know diamonds are a girls’ best friend, but you won’t find any diamonds at this photoshoot!! This shoot was all about turquoise and gold.

jewely collage blog

catch the breakdown below for product details



1. Vintage green cabochon & brass choker
White flower & stone charm bracelet
Teal leather & fringe 

2. Vintage gold V collar necklace
Black and white spiral shell cuff bracelet

3. White sunglasses
Antique silver & quartz necklace
Helios ring

4. Green sepentine gold feather necklace
design owyhee jasper ring

5. Vintage pendant necklace
gray triabgle cuff bracelet
nautilus cuff bracelet black willow


Here are some pictures from behind the scenes….
IMG_1128 IMG_1125 (1)

IMG_1186IMG_1173IMG_1169IMG_1157IMG_1185And this is the amazing glam squad…  thank you so much ..

Photography – Josh Williams

Hair Guru- Briana Cisneros

Face Guru- Amy Clarke

Stylist – Jenny Dayco

stylist- Jessica Oliver





glitter time machine

08 / 25 / 15
my inspiration board as you can see is full of glitter, feathered hair, winged eyeliner, bronzed glam..

my inspiration board as you can see is full of glitter, feathered hair, winged eyeliner, bronzed glam..

I have always been infatuated with 70’s glam! There’s something so sexy and effortless about that era. Soo for my first new and improved blog post, obviously, this was my immediate go to. Putting together my own photoshoot was a lot of work but also a lot of fun. I had full creative direction instead of just playing paper doll this time around. I started out with a mood board, I was going for a jerry hall meets farrah fawcett vibe so big feathered hair, winged out eyeliner, glitter, jumpsuits, and sex appeal was a must! Thanks to my amazing glam team, we were able to brainstorm and bring my vision to life! I hope these looks inspire you to sprinkle a little 70s love on your wardrobe as you’re putting together your next outfit!



My 2015 Hair Makeover

01 / 12 / 15

Hey guys! So I have been wanting to do something fun and different with my hair, i decided to go all out!:) I love the new 2015 silver/ pastel color trend… so we went for it!

Since I’m not the expert ill let my amazing hair stylist Briana Cisneros explain…  hope you like!

“I lifted Audrina from a level 6 brunette to a level 9 & 10 blonde using a blonding powder with olaplex to protect her hair during processing.

Using a heavy foiling technique in combination with free hand painted balayage throughout the hair.


We toned her entire head with an icy steel toner before our second color application.


We melted together smokey pastel silver,with a champagne blonde and light powdery lilac.



We used cooler tones to complement Audrina’s olive base skin tone.

This color is for the dedicated and not for the faint of heart. It takes 8 hours in the salon, along with home care and revisiting the salon for upkeep.


Make sure you follow Brie on Instagram at: @BrianaCisneros

Until next time!